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Author Topic: HTC HERO THEME (RELEASED)  (Read 12190 times)

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@SIDEFLIP>> tol? :D
my mobile phone is KM555e not KM555, can i used this theme?
KM555 has a larger phone memory than KM555e, i wonder if i just CUST the HTC themes, would it work for me?
thanks in advance.. i like this theme
by the way.. i saw a LG Vu on youtube.com with HERO HTC theme by demonichawk v1.0
and it had a keypad style like on HTC and even menus same as the theme we have here,
so does this theme had keypad and menu's like on HTC HERO?

HTCHero Theme is made by Demonic Hawk for LG vu. Sad to say Methods of installing themes for Clubby and vu are different thats why we can only use its Idle_widget. Anyway I  have Modded the keyboard, dialing and other stuff on this theme.