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Author Topic: HTC HERO THEME (RELEASED)  (Read 12194 times)

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« Reply #195 on: August 08, 2011, 08:04:19 am »
it's not 88.5mb. I think its less that 15mb.

What!? But, when I download the file, HTC FULL CUST, on the first post and extract it, it's 88.5mb, and now it is just less 15mb?! But how?

The truth is that I already install it in my phone by injecting all that files in the CUST and sending it back, and it's cool, yeah. But, the problem is that it has so many wrong labeling, especially in the Topmenu. For example, the Message Icon, its label was "IrDA" and not "Messaging". It has also wrong labeling inside of it, like the Inbox, its label was Drafts. And many more. How to fix it? Can you help me, please? If it's okay to you.
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