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Author Topic: HTC HERO THEME (RELEASED)  (Read 12186 times)

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« Reply #210 on: August 12, 2011, 06:27:22 pm »
I got it! The theme of my phone is fine now. The labeling was correct, but the topmenu was the original theme of km555, but it's ok (even though I like the topmenu of HTC HERO Theme). Atleast the labeling is correct now. Thanks for the theme, it's beautiful and cool. :)

You're using clubby topmenu?

Clubby Topmenu? I think no. Because all I know that I'm using LG KM555 Cookie, and its fw is v10k. Then, I have its original cust.

Oh, and I figured out why the labeling was wrong. It was in the lgpp>media>language. I didn't know in which one of those languages of the HTC Hero Theme was the problem so I deleted it all and used the languages of the Original Cust. However, in settings>phone setting>languages, there were blanks, but it's okay. So, I'm already using the TOPMENU of the HTC Hero Theme, yehey! :D

Then, in utilities>organizer>calendar and settings, there's something wrong there (the numbering of the calender didn't follow the calendar today) so maybe I changed it back to original calendar.dmf using the Original Cust.

Oh, I have a question. How to make the WIDGET homescreen remain? Because whenever I changed its wallpapers and widgets and then turned the phone off, it came back in default wallpaper and widgets. Thanks  in  advance. :)
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