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Please look at the attachment (pictures of top menu) and compare it to the original top menu.
When the unit is charging, it shows "postpone" instead of "charging".
On the second picture, icons are correct but the labels are not..like the "WIFI", it should be "CAMERA", "MESSAGING" should be "MUSIC",  "CONTACTS" should be "GAMES AND APPLICATIONS".
Same with the other pictures.
Again, icons are correct but the labels or the names of the icons are not.

I really like this theme.
Thanks so much for your help.

I can't see the picture but Top Menu is working fine with me.. Icons and Labels are designated to where they suppose to be.

I forgot to mention, If you use the attachment on the first post you have already installed Flazheus Player. Just download Attachment on this topic http://www.mylgcookieclubby.smffy.com/index.php?topic=143.0 and Copy Flazheus Player to the root of your memory card.

will i download all of the 10 parts?
Maybe I'll email you the picture so you can see what i mean.. How can i send you the file?
Thanks side..
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