Author Topic: for those who use format factory  (Read 1792 times)

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for those who use format factory
« on: May 28, 2011, 08:27:40 am »
what would be the best setting to convert any video to mp4 and/or 3gp format. By best setting i mean the one that doesn't lag and has the best audio quality

thank you very much!

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Re: for those who use format factory
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2011, 01:56:59 am »
Making a profile aka preset within Format Factory.

(You'll only have to do this once, after that you can use this same preset over and over for all your videos.
Already made a preset? Skip to Part 4: Choosing Profile and start Converting Video's in Format Factory.)

01. [PC] Startup your Video Converter (Format Factory)
02. [PC] On the leftside of the program you will see the different formats.

03. [PC] Choose - All to Mobile.
04. [PC] Choose - Mobile Device Compatible MP4.
05. [PC] Choose - MP4 400x240 MPEG4.


06. [PC] Change at Settings:

Type:  MP4

Video Stream

Video Encode: MPEG4 (DivX)
Video Size: 400x240 (this is for widescreen movies, which most videos are)
Bitrate: 448(acceptable low quality), 512(medium), 700(high).
FPS: 29.97

Audio Stream

Audio Encode: AAC (very important that you use this audio format or else it won't work)
Sample Rate: 22050 (acceptable Low), 44100(High)
Bitrate: 64(acceptable Low), 192(High)

Rest of the settings I left it as it is, as default.


07. [PC] Now choose "Save as"
08. [PC] Profile pops up and name your custom profile(preset) "LG Video Conversion" and click "Ok".
09. [PC] Now close the current Profile Setting Window(should say "More Devices" at the top of that window).
10. [PC] So now you will only see Format Factory's main window.
11. [PC] Should you accidentally close the Main Window as well, no worries your preset was saved.

Choose Profile and Start Converting Video's in Format Factory.

01. [PC] Now on the left side of the main window of Format Factory choose "All to Custom".
02. [PC] Your custom profile "LG Video Conversion" should be selected automatically. If not go into output setting and change it.
03. [PC] Add your favourite video clips stored on your HD, when done choose OK.
04. [PC] Press "Start" at the top and wait for it to convert your selected files.
05. [PC] When done Click on "Output Folder" Leave this folder open for now.

Credits to NeySevour of
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