Author Topic: Flash KM555 with GSM MUTI V3- fix error phone reset or ...  (Read 11914 times)

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I have tried what you said i open cust_theme.big with winimage and edit and when i sending it back to my ph0ne my ph0ne became black like what ive tried last night, i tried to install iph0ne themes and like what you said i ign0red the timeout err0r but after i sended it bck to my ph0ne when i open it became black i d0nt kn0w wer to put the flashcontents f0lder in my ph0ne because theres n0 such a folder flashc0ntents i have n0tice s0me had change like my music player etc the only pr0blem was my widget and t0p menu but my l0ckscreen its ok h0pe s0meone can teach me the right way..
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