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Re: New ! Theme Loader ... Easy Install theme...
« Reply #60 on: May 12, 2011, 05:56:23 am »
Hey Tam, Is this Applicable to v10d with android theme?

yes.. this 10D ,Applicable to v10d with android theme . but i don't  add theme.

if you want use theme , you copy theme swf ( widget , keylock ) to memoryCard .

- i use android 2.2 swf ,
first i'm add only widget , all work . ( weather widget work )
2nd i'm add keylock , weater widget not work  ???

Now . i using android theme on CUST , i don't like loader , i'm a  afraid  cost batery  ::)
Hi guy
I am newcomer
Yesterday i just updated firmware of 10K (android interface), it's so cool, but some features can not be activated from the menu screen. Some of them are camera function, video browsing (in video folder), . I am wondering if your version of 10d (km android fix) can work with these functions. By the way, i has tried to download your stuff from azsharing host. but I encountered some problem with this host ( the first part 10d.___a file cannot be downloaded) Can you upload it into another host something like mediafire
Another question is can you help me to hack km555 or show me the way to fix my difficulty. I have problem with downloading file (such as zip, jar, pdf from internet through wifi connection).
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