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free internet OM6 240x400 [SMART] philippines
« on: April 16, 2011, 10:53:59 am »
This is what we called "feedster" coz the first time you use it in a day this will eat your balance load. So you must secure and be conscious(I dunno if I use the right word :P) with your load. i.e You have a 1 peso balance before operating it, smart will eat that remaining balance in exchange of unlimited mobile internet for a day.

Credits to:
simple07 (of symbianize forum) for the fast speed OM6 and the knowledge.
vince (our very own) for the tutorial on how the configure your access point and java setting.

Now lets start.
1. Configure your access point and java setting by following the tutorial Change the proxy server to:

Proxy Server:

2. Download and install the handler OM6. Use the set-up bellow and save.






*just leave the other box as it is.

3. If you have a big amount of load, you must secure for this is the time that the OM6 will eat/consume your load. But leave at least 1 peso to be feed. The first time you use the OM6 it will says check your connection. Its okay, it means the minimum 1 peso your feed to smart have been eaten/consumed, and the unlimited use of internet started.

*please be reminded that all of your remaining balance will be eaten/consume in your first time of the day.

4. After feeding smart, you must have at least 1 peso load to connect again to internet. And Tada! free unlimited internet for a day :). Just repeat and rinse 2-4 each day. Enjoy!

*please secure your load for smart will consume/eat all your remaining balance if the 1 day of unlimited internet expire.
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- how to bypass the Java Permission :
- free internet OM6 240x400 [SMART] philippines: http://www.mylgcook

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